The Safe Place _

With a pointy stick they scratched a line in the dirt, roughly the length of their six-year-old bodies, and then held hands as children do, as best friends do, and vowed that by crossing that line they’d get to their safe place. They closed their eyes and counted back from five. The closer they got, the more their friends and their families and their sadness and secrets and their favorite dolls and favorite teacher Miss Aubernee and the one’s older brother who took such pleasure in teasing two little girls who were so in love, as children are, as best friends are, all funneled down to the bare spot in the backyard where they stood, and nothing else mattered as they got to zero and inhaled together and felt the other shifting her weight as they each lifted a leg in unison and began to lean forward in the shade and the sunlight poking through the shade and together they made the decision to leave it all behind and start over and never be apart and they stepped across the line and, yes – yes it was! – completely different on that side.

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  1. Hey, these are great. I look forward to seeing more.

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